Monday, August 20, 2007

Vision 2008 and Vision 2010

Vision 2008 -- I'll turn 25 at the end of that year -- by then, I will have ...

  • Cycled 3,000 miles across the Mediterranean border of Europe
  • Published in two glossy magazines
  • Published in two large metropolitan newspapers
  • Become adept in podcasting, creating multimedia slideshows and hosting my own professional-caliber Web site
  • Moved to Central America and gained proficiency in Spanish OR moved to another region of the world

Vision 2010 -- I'll turn 27 at the end of that year -- by then, I will have ...

  • Become fluent in a minimum of three languages (English plus two others)
  • Published in a minimum of two large-circulation magazines and four major metropolitan newspapers
  • Completed a multi-month backcountry trip, e.g. thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine, or a comparable route in New Zealand or Patagonia
  • Completed a multi-month distance bicycling trip
  • Worked a series of "fun" jobs, like reporting for a television station, working a laid-back job in Hawaii, volunteering on an organic farm, or working at a ski resort
  • Perhaps go to sommelier school, to gain an expertise in wines, and begin wine writing