Sunday, June 10, 2007

Europe/North Africa trip

Kim and I have set the bike trip route. Around March 31, we'll meet in Rabat, Morocco. From there it's a five-day ride to the Strait of Gibralter, which we'll ferry across. It then takes about 30 days -- or 1500 miles -- to cycle across Spain, France and northern Italy, ending in Venezia. From there it'll take another 24 days, or 1200 miles, to bike down the Baltic coast, through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegonvina, Montenegro and Albania, ending at the southern tip of mainland Greece. All in all, that's 59 or 60 days of cycling -- factoring for a margin of error, that's 75 days. Add another 45 days off our cycles to poke around in the towns and spend time on the beach, and -- voila! - we have our 120 day, 4 month bike trip from Morocco to Greece. Our grande finale may be a boat ride to Crete or even further south to Egypt....

I bought a touring bike for the trip this weekend and am starting to get used to sitting on a bike seat for prolonged periods.

My next order of business? Check airfare and make sure we can get entry visas for all these countries!