Sunday, May 11, 2008

Having my parents in Spain is great. They and Kim both laugh a lot; combine them together and its nonstop hilarity.

Yesterday we went to Toledo, the historic former capital, and met Francisco and Isabel, the first family that took in Kim and I when we were on the bike trip. The couple, I think, was surprised to see us off our bikes, well-fed and non-smelly!

Though we DO still look strange. Kim and I Googled ¨lavandaria,¨ stuffed our clothes in gallon trash bags, and hauled them to what we thought was a laundromat. Turns out, the Spanish word for laundromat and car wash is the same. We then hauled it to a ¨tintoreria,¨ which the dictionary said was a laundromat but was actually a dry cleaner. The third place we took it to said they charged the U.S. equivalent of $22 a load, times 6 loads. So now, our clothes are all in gallon trash bags in my parent´s hotel room, while Kim wears Matt´s clothes (he´s over 6 feet tall) and I wear my mom´s clothes (she´s less than 5 feet tall). We´re misfitted and odd-looking, but for once, we at least smell nice!