Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Every day is a new twist and turn ....

We arrived in Málaga today, a large metropolitan city on the southern shoreline, filled with palm trees and surrounded by both green hills and some of the bluest, clearest water I´ve ever seen. Kim and I spent the day on the beach and agreed it was the nicest day we´ve had since the trip began. We snoozed in the sun, ate ice cream, and forgot everything for awhile.

We came here with the hope of staying on a farm owned by a couple that speaks only Spanish, but after we arrived, we got an email from the farm owners saying we had changed our plans too many times (which is 100 percent accurate) and he accepted an offer from travelers who were more committed. Kim and I are tired and dirty and will delay ¨dealing with this¨ situation by first going out for tapas; then we´ll camp somewhere along the beach tonight (though this is certainly a city, so I wonder how that´s going to work! We´ve had great luck camping in countrysides so far).

We´ve recieved an offer from a woman on Couchsurfing.com who says we can stay on her farm in Liguria, Italy, so ..... will we be in another country in the next 2 or 3 days? Maybe!