Saturday, April 19, 2008



  • left Jose Migual and Isabel´s house
  • took train to Andalucia, where there is beautiful southern countryside
  • found a perfect road for biking, with hardly any traffic
  • biked, pictureque
  • torrential rain as we set up tent; all our stuff is soaking and muddy, including our rain gear, jackets and sleeping bags.


  • began biking toward La Yedra, where there´s a farm that we´ll stay at, owned by a guy named Alejandro
  • within the first 5 kilometers, got seperated from Kim
  • waited, waited
  • re-traced 5 k back, and then 5 k forward, looking for her, to no avail
  • biked on to La Yedra, hoping she had passed me and was already there
  • reached La Yedra, no sign of Kim
  • Didn´t have directions to Alejandro´s farm (the directions were with Kim), so I started knocking door-to-door, speaking broken Spanish, hoping someone would know where his house is OR would have internet access which I could use to look up his phone number in my email account
  • No one can help; several families tell me they don´t have a home computer and don´t know Alejandro.
  • Rain pours, pours down
  • I seek shelter under a tree and stay there for 2-3 hours. Fingers are so cold they´ve lost all feeling.
  • It starts to get dark.
  • This town has no grocery store, no gas station .... nothing but fields and a couple of houses.
  • I start planning for the night. Begin rationing my food. Figure in the worst case scenario, I´ll sleep there overnight, and in the morning, if the sun comes out, bike to Baeza, the nearest town with internet, to see if Kim has written
  • After a few hours, the sun peeks out .... I walk 6 km to Baeza
  • find Kim, who is also biking aimlessly through the streets, looking cold and tired
  • we go to internet cafe and call Alejandro, tell him we´re cold, tired and starting to get sick, ask for a ride
  • still at internet cafe, writing this. So happy to have shelter and warmth.