Thursday, April 17, 2008

We got taken in by the police

We got taken in by the police.


But not in the way you´re thinking.

We asked the woman who owns the cybercafe if we could sleep in her establishment after it closes. She pointed us toward a casino and told us to ask the casino owner if we could sleep at his place.

He said no, but one of his customers, a guy buying lottery tickets, offered to take us in. We got a good vibe from him, so we went with it.

Turns out he´s a sweet, generous guy with a lovely family who provided us with a warm shower, hot soup and cozy bed. Both he and his wife , Jose Miguel and Elisa, are cops. (Hence, as Kim puts it, we got taken in by the police.) They have two kids, age 14 and 11; the elder of the two is going through Spain´s version of an adolescent ¨emo¨ stage, complete with black wrist cuffs and a My Chemical Romance obsession.