Monday, April 21, 2008

On the road again

Alejandro is crazy, it turns out, and we left his home and reached Baeza without our bikes or any idea of where we are going next.

I stayed in town with our bags as Kim and I ¨shuttled¨ on foot, 12 km roundtrip, to and from La Yedra to pick up our bikes.

As I was walking down the road, the cops stopped me to see what I was doing. I was amazed at how much I was able to communicate in Spanish!

Speaking only Spanish, I told them that my friend is in Baeza with our bags and I´m walking to La Yedra, where I spent the past two nights, to retrieve my bike.

Then in response to a series of the officer´s questions, I told them I have a road bike instead of a mountain bike, we´ve been to Madrid, Toledo and here, we´re thinking about taking a bus to Jaen later today.

The cop asked to see my passport and asked why ¨Nepal¨ is written on my passport when the citizenry is U.S.; I explained that the rest of my family lives in Nepal but my parents and I live in America.

In response to further questioning from the police, I said in Spanish that I work as a journalist, I told them my monthly income (yes, they asked!), and explained to them that famous television journalists earn more than newspaper writers.

The cops copied down my passport information, told me to write down the names of my parents, and then let me go, telling me to enjoy my visit to Spain.